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Making an entry into a search bar is like receiving several invitations to parties on the same night.  Which one to choose, what is the agenda, what will be the most liked part of the event and how much will the time cost?  Trying to choose affordable web design is like selecting the party that you most want to attend.  The invitation is meant to set the tone of the event with the right colors, placement and description. It seems easy enough to build your own site, many companies offer the do it yourself option. Once you get started, it can seem overwhelming, intimidating, and the results may end up less than what you expected. There may also be limitations to your rankings on the search engines.

It all sounds easy enough, but allowing professionals to do what they do best can save you a significant amount of time, money and energy. As a small business owner, it’s normal to want to do everything yourself, it is consistent with our image of the entrepreneur. Your business is your image, your baby and your life-blood. We understand that, and honor your commitment to success by treating your website with the professional approach it deserves.  A more professional appearance results from having help from someone with an independent eye for the subject. Web design can easily be professional and affordable.

How your company is perceived by others is one of your objectives.  Understanding this point of view changes the question from why pay for web design to why would anyone not pay for web design?  A well thought-out layout, professional design elements and professional images combine together to showcase your business at it’s best and most professional. If your goal is to compete with larger or more established companies, why would you leave a critical piece of your image, branding and marketing to anyone less than a professional? In addition, the maintenance of a website by a professional company makes good business sense.  Upgrades and changes can be made as time goes on, and the overall web design can always stay fresh in appearance. A well-maintained website can help speed page loading and results in a pleasant experience for the customer. There is more involved in a professional design layout than many people think. Let us show you how Salterra is the right choice.

PHP , HTML 99%
WordPress 98%
Custom Software 97%
Custom Reporting 99%
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Founders / Owners

Salterra is primarily a husband and wife team here in Scottsdale, Arizona. We have partnerships with several developers and other support staff to ensure that every project receives the attention, detail, and professionalism that it deserves. We have consulted on and completed many projects throughout the US and Canada, and take every new client on with the utmost respect and excitement for their success. We firmly believe that our clients are our greatest resource. Whether you are a small independent business, or a large corporation, we value our relationship and strive to give our best every day.

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With over 15 years experience in computers and websites, and 5 years experience learning the intricacies of Search Engine Optimization, his passion is to teach and share that knowledge with others.

Coffee or Tea? Of Course; no joke!
Favorites: Golf and Fishing.
Camping: Lets Go!

web designers in Phoenix AZ elisabeth


A self-taught Graphic Designer, working professionally for 5 years, but she has been drawing and dabbling in art and photography since early childhood. ( After-school detention for drawing?!. yes, true fact)

Favorites: Books, Coffee, and Art
Current Obsession: Pinterest
Nemesis: Pixelation